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Travel to Viseu de Sus, Maramures - BY CAR

From Germany/Austria via the motorway Vienna – Nickelsdorf to Budapest (motorway M1). Either across the city towards Miskolc/motorway M3 (badly signposted) or via the southern bypass (M0) on the motorway M3 towards the East, exit Polgar – Nyreghyiaza – Mateszalka – Csengersima/Petea – Satu Mare.
Alternative: Leave the M3 already in Füszesabony and drive via Tiszafüred – Hortobagy – Debrecen – Mateszalka, with a stopover in National park of Puszta Hortobagy (many private guest rooms).
If you come to the Hungarian/Romanian border in the evening, it is adviseable to stay in Csenger (Hotel Schuster) or near the Romanian town Satu Mare. Horses and carts without light, pedestrians and bad street conditions make driving at night too risky in Romania.
From Satu Mare either over Livada - Negresti Oas - Sapinta - Sighet or Livada - Baia Mare - Gutin-Pass - Sighet to Viseu de Sus. Both routes are particularly delightful!
Hungary's motorways are subject to a toll (toll sticker "Matrica")
Also in Romania a toll sticker is obligatory ("Rovineta")
Romania has in the mean time a good network of petrol stations
Approximate travelling time without stopovers:

Vienna - Budapest 2 hours
Budapest - border Csengersima/Petea 5-6 hours
Satu Mare - Sighet - Viseu de Sus 4 hours
Crossing the borders takes between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the density of traffic
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