duminică, 8 iunie 2008

Money. Viseu de Sus - Maramures

Viseu de Sus has several banks where money can be changed. There are several cash dispensers in the town, one of them directly at the police station in the Strada Republicii where you can provide yourself with cash using your current credit card. The exchange rates are fluctuating; at the moment you will get about 360 new Romanian Lei (state February 2006) for € 100.

Important: The old Lei (10 new Lei = 100,000 old Lei) is still valid.


Several taxi enterprises offer their services; the trade is correct, the rates are put down and moderate (1 kilometre costs about 60 cents).
Taxi „SUN“ has its stand in the centre, in front of the "Casa de Cultura". Tel: 0740 244 233 or 0722 539 536 29.
Taxi „Anvis” " (also minibus) Tel. 0745 573 903 or 0742 828 107
More details on ViseudeSus.Ro and Ecotours.Ro

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