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Excursions and walking in Viseu de Sus

Even if the provincial town of Viseu de Sus is blessed neither with historical nor architectural constructions, there is always something to discover. In the centre, on a stroll through town, there is the former country castle (today city administration, “Primaria”), the town museum and quite close to each other three big churches: Romanian orthodox (built in 1933-37) with its typical domes, Greek-orthodox (built in 1912-1918) by the German minority.

Some side routes with their single-storey small houses have preserved still the charm of the old. Jewish stamped Viseu de Sus; unfortunately, the big synagogue was destroyed in seventies.
Worth seeing is also the formerly German quarter of the “Zipserei” (from Zipser row, row settlement), on the other side of the river, in whose lanes you can hear now and then the cosy Wischauer dialect. Above this quarter, on the so-called “Podori”, the German/Hungarian (Catholic) as well the big Jewish cemetery is situated, with a nice view on town and in the Rodna Mountains.

Closer Surroundings

The Viseu de Sus’ surrounding hills and mountains are ideally suited for easy day wanderings and excursions to nature.An attractive tour through picturesque scenery scattered farmsteads leads from the “Zipserei” in the Weintal (in Romanian Valea Vinului). This valley is known for its numerous mineral water springs (in Romanian Borcut). The visit of the small cloister Valea Scradei founded after the turn (in Romanian Manastir) is also worthwhile (an originally remaining side valley of the Wassertal). The cloister with its wooden church built in the typical Maramures style lies about 20 walking minutes form the village centre in marvellous surroundings. Way: From Viseu de Sus across the Zipser bridge, then on the right along the street 1. Mai (in Romanian Unu Mai) always along the river after about 3 kilometres again across wide wooden bridge, following the rails of the railway through the forest and further along the street leading to Valea Scradei.

Important: There are no footpaths in the west-European sense, never mind signpost. Best of all you follow your own sense and ask, if necessary, the friendly locals for the way.
A day trip with the forest railway offers a unique train adventure; but if someone wants to know the picturesque “Wassertal”, he should make a trip lasting several days. But such a very recommendable tour (suggestions for routes are further below) should be prepared carefully because the “Wassertal” is not populated and apart from alpine pastures completely covered with forests. Pure natur!
Pay attention while a several days trip:
  • Physical fitness and travelling experiences are imperative.
  • Have a tent with you! There are no overnight stay possibilities.
  • Take enough provisions with you, no shopping possibilities.
  • Appropriate shoes, protections against rain and warm clothes are imperative.
  • Never travel alone!
  • Go to the next train station if there are any problems or emergencies (radio contact), mobile phones have no reception.
  • Respect the controls (border area!), always have your passport with you.
  • Mind immediate vicinity to the border of Ukraine.
  • Provide yourself with spring water only.
  • In case of fog you can quickly lose your orientation! In emergency, follow the watercourse downwards.
  • Caution against not supervised sheepdogs!
  • Take maps and possibly a compass with you. Unfortunately, there aren’t any good maps about “Wassertalbahn” available at the moment. But useful copies could be acquired at the bureau of Ecotours S.R.L.

Routs (even marked in parts):

  • Viseu de Sus – Valea Pestilor – Pietrosul Bardau (1850m) – Bardau CFF (2 days)
  • Faina CFF – Novicior – Novicior CFF (1 day)
  • Macarlau CFF – Vf Tiganului (1736m) – Vf Toroiaga (1930m) – Ripi – Ihoasa CFF (2-3 days)
  • Ihoasa CFF – Valea Scradei – Viseu de Sus (1 day) (all of the routes could be travelled upon in the opposite direction and/or could be combined with each other)There are of course countless other possibilities for tours in „Wassertal“.

Travellers get competent advice and further suggestion for routs in the bureau of Ecotours S.R.L.

More informations on ViseudeSus.RO and Ecotours.Ro

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