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„Maramures“is rich of sights for tourists. Most of them are reachable in a daytrip from Viseu de Sus by car; but as there are guestrooms everywhere, it is recommendable to make a several day tour or round tours.
A rough overview:
Country land Iza-Tal: Famous for its costumes (Sundays!), traditional wooden gates/doorways and –churches. Good hiking possibilities. Villages which are worth seeing: Ieud, Botiza and Barsana with its monastery (world cultural heritage!).
Sighet: Pretty, former Austrian-Hungarian small town, different museums (among them the open-air village museum), synagogues, big Jewish graveyard, birth house of Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel was born (museum today), and many others.
Sapinta: „Fröhlicher Friedhof“ (geschnitzte, bauernkünstlerisch verzierte Grabkreuze), viel traditionelles Kunsthandwerk, höchste Holzkirche Europas (Manastir Sapinta Peri), wunderschöne Umgebung (teilweise unter Naturschutz) usw.
Rodna-Mountains: Highest Mountain of Maramures, partly national park (Pietrosul), perfect for (several days) mountains tours.
Borsa Complex, Prislop: reachable with chairlift, skiing possibilities in winter, waterfall (Cascada), and marked trails.
Ocna Sugatag: health resort with sanatoriums, thermal baths, beautiful surrounding area.
Tisa: sensational private museums (art, antique, graphics) of the family Pipaş
Costiu: : swimming pool with salty mineral water, wild salt lake, beautiful position.
…and many more!
More details on ViseudeSus.Ro and Ecotours.Ro

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