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Travel to Viseu de Sus, Maramures - BY TRAIN

There are good connections from the big cities of Western Europe via Vienna to Budapest (Hungary) where you sometimes have to change the train station (by underground or taxi – Attention: high fares!).
The continuation of the journey to Viseu de Jos in Romania is a bit more complicated: Depending on the train connection, you have to change frequently and the departure times of the connecting trains are often uncoordinated. It is advisable to thoroughly study the timetables and to plan a possible overnight stay. There is a night train with couchette and sleeping cars from Bucharest to Sighet, which arrives in Viseu de Jos in the early morning. It is the most comfortable (and cheapest...) connection from the capital of Romania to Maramures! The night train also runs in the opposite direction.Three times a week, there is a train connection from Teresva or Rahov (Ukraine) to Sighet which may now also be used by foreigners since Ukraine abolished the compulsory visa for EU and Swiss citizens in 2005. From Sighet to Viseu de Jos, you can go by bus or by train and enjoy the charming scenery.
Timetables: (Germany) (Romania) (Austria)

The fast trains in Romania must be reserved and are subject to extra fares.
From Viseu de Jos to Viseu de Sus (about 4 km) you can take the bus or hire a taxi
Attention: Should you have to travel alone, be careful at the train stations in Romania, which are said to be rather dangerous at night.
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